Ojmar coin locks all have a removable cylinder and are supplied with 2 keys as standards. Cylinders and keys can be purchased as spare parts.

The complete range of mechanical locks are available in 3 versions

The Ojmar coin lock can be converted into a coin collect lock by simply fitting a coin collecting box to it.

Card Locks are also available in all three versions

Our Multifunction locks also offer more complex levels of functionality where collection of 1 or more coins is required, collection with a card option or use of optional coins is needed.

Our range of cam locks also comes with the three key options offering a simple yet secure master keyed option for staff lockers, golf clubs etc

Product Brochure

  Dry Area Wet
Profile Key
2 keys Numbered
Remove Key
Suitable for
both £old
and new
Zamak X       X   X X X
Standard X X   X X X X X X
Security X X X X X X X X X