Welcome to the new standard of Digital Locking systems.

Our OCS locks set the standard for digital locks.

The clean lines of the product are perfect for gyms, hospitals and schools where they can be kept clean and germ free due to the smooth touch pad with no buttons or crevices.

Designed for the rigours of Wet Humid environments.

Easy to use simply choose a 4 digit number to both open and close the locks – If you feel security is more of an issue stop users using their 4 digit pin codes or obvious codes like 1111 by increasing the digits to 6, to encourage codes which are harder to copy and useless to potential thieves.

If you have customers reserving lockers – Simply turn on the Auto Opening function. Locks can open after either a set time period or at the end of the day. A great option for Hotels where key loss is rife, and for 24 hour gyms where a maximum rental period can be allowed to stop overnight reservation.

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Our Telecomander allows:

  • Master key override whilst keeping the customers code in tact (for the unfortunate opening of the wrong locker)
  • Updating of 6 digit master codes for increased security
  • Real time audit locks showing codes used – to be used in case of “reported” break in
  • Battery override function

Customers include:

  • Marriott Hotel Group
  • Cambridge University Sports \ Bath University \ Derby University \ Nottingham Trent University
  • The Financial Ombudsman
  • Investment Banks – especially popular for Bike Shower Rooms
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Q Hotels